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Environmental, Social and Governance

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Corporate growth now requires a re-evaluation of long-term goals linked to environmental, social and governance stewardship. There is a social urgency for companies to do more for current future generations, guided by science, and work with local communities and shareholders more closely to make change happen faster. Business as usual and technical refinements are not enough anymore. Steady leadership today requires the reassessment of corporate priorities to act sooner, unlock new solutions, and deliver superior performance improvements.

Global ecosystems are falling apart, long-term poverty is rising, and poor health and suffering is on the growing. Nations have collectively changed the law, and agreed to cut future emissions and empower companies to set new sustainability targets to drive and enforce change. Emissions and air pollution may need to be cut further than 50% within 10 years to drive pioneer ESG stewardship.

The key to unlocking these operational insights is data and analytics. Let SFA (Oxford) benchmark your ESG and operational performance, dive deep into your competitors and give you the honest feedback and recommendations required to push your environmental growth to progress faster, and help you secure access to better funding. SFA are experts at processing large volumes of data swiftly, and identify your new priorities.

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