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Processing and commercial options

Value chain consulting

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SFA (Oxford) has extensive experience assessing clients advanced mineral processing offtake options and evaluating indicative commercial terms at global smelters and refineries. The SFA team has completed numerous assignments, mapping the commercial options for mine concentrate, modelling all industry smelters and refineries, and identifying and defining the various processing points (including capacity constraints) in the global value chain for concentrate from smelter to the refinery.

Commercially evaluating processing value chain opportunities

SFA's relationships with smelters and refiners extensive expertise, and supporting databases assists clients to add or create value within the metallurgical process linkages of the value chain, whether it is to:

  • Identify existing flowsheet risks and opportunities.

  • Evaluate commercial terms for a product.

  • Decide on the best processing route.

  • Consider options to fill a smelter or refinery.

  • Benchmark a process against that of peers.

  • Provide mass pull calculation.

  • Estimate CAPEX requirements and recoveries.

  • Quantify and evaluate tailings dams.

  • Obtain a second opinion on the suitability of new technology for feed.

In determining the best method for the client to process its concentrate product, we compare the various market opportunities. This analysis provides a valuable assessment for the sale of the different products at various positions in the value chain and examines the impact of moving up or down the value chain with each product. This approach helps the client to compare the economics of the sale of concentrate.

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Henk de Hoop

Chief Executive Officer

Beresford Clarke

Managing Director: Technical & Research

Lakshya Gupta

Senior Battery Technologies Analyst

Jamie Underwood

Principal Consultant

Thomas Chandler

Principal Market Analyst

Jordan Roberts

Senior Battery Metals Analyst

Carol Lu

Associate Principal Analyst: China

Nelsa Martins

Consultant Metallurgist

Angus Butterfield

Consultant Analyst − Mining and Supply

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