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Platinum Group Metals

Value chain consulting

Experts across the whole PGM value chain

At the core of SFA (Oxford)'s business is bespoke consulting. We provide detailed, tailored assessments of strategic investment opportunities using our extensive industry expertise to evaluate the impact of the challenges affecting the industry.

Enhancing client strategies with strategic insights

The team works confidentially, often augmenting business planning efforts and assisting with company strategy. Whether you are an OEM wanting to assess the impact of evolving automotive technologies on the market and metal prices, a mining company scheduling shafts or reviewing labour requirements, an investor or miner evaluating projects, a recycler or refiner aiming to extract more value from your business, or an investor seeking to quantify price risk, SFA has the expertise to offer confident and independent direction for your strategic decision-making.

In response to the global Covid-19 outbreak, SFA has completed detailed scenarios examining the impact of the coronavirus on the platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium and iridium markets. We have also completed scenarios on the global chip shortage affecting the auto sector. Please contact us if this analysis could be of assistance to your business in light of the current crises.

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SFA (Oxford) Platinum Group Metals consulting

PGM consulting solutions

We offer a broad spectrum of services, applying our strategic focus and bespoke approach to meet your needs.

Augmented mine business planning and risk analysis

SFA has significant experience in reviewing mine business plans, identifying production risks and reviewing costs down to a half-level basis to improve operational mine planning and enhance performance.

Due diligence studies and commercial advisory

Working with clients and third parties, SFA has a long track record of providing technical due diligence and financial modelling support to help secure future funding from investors and lenders.

Mergers, acquisitions, and corporate defence

Clients have used SFA to provide the analytical link with banks and financial institutions to support PGM investment decision-making and provide robust market support.

IPO market chapters and feasibility studies

SFA has supported numerous client listings by providing an independent view of the PGM markets to help secure capital from potential investors.

Peer-group benchmarking and margin analysis

Our PGM peer-group benchmarking is unrivalled, providing you with a detailed understanding of which assets are outperforming and which are most at risk.

Mine optimisation and cost benchmarking

SFA realises cost synergies for clients across company operations to help raise margins and improve production efficiency benchmarks.

Covid-19 PGM market analysis and scenarios

With extensive experience covering the PGM markets and industry fundamentals, SFA can provide you with our latest market outlook and the window of upside and downside scenarios.

Human capital and organisational planning

The SFA team has completed many labour workforce projects, analysing demographic trends, forecasting future labour requirements, and working with extensive data sets.

Strategy, planning and Board support

SFA is a trusted advisor to Board members and senior management of significant stakeholders and provides regular assistance to strategy and planning efforts.

Price forecasting and project incentive pricing

SFA can provide accurate short-, medium- and long-term PGM price forecasts to support your business plans and contract negotiations, backed by our extensive supply and demand databases.

PGM markets and supply risk dashboards

SFA provides regular data flows of mine supply and metallurgical pipelines, basket prices, mine economics, and future supply and demand profiles to assist strategic decision-making and supply-chain purchasing.

Metallurgical processing and commercial options

SFA has extensive experience in assessing clients' advanced mineral processing offtake options and evaluating indicative commercial terms at global smelters and refineries.

'Black-box' PGM and macro scenario modelling

Clients approach SFA to run their own supply and macro modelling demand inputs to see the impact this has on the medium- to long-term PGM market balances to complement future strategic decision-making.

Investor Board packs and roadshows

SFA regularly supports its clients on global roadshows to assist on capital raisings and converse with fund managers, institutional investors and family wealth officers.

Black swan events and PGM market impacts

The SFA team is constantly providing rich insights for its clients on structural events moving the PGM markets, particularly when the situation continues to change.

Environmental, social and governance solutions

Our breadth of ESG insights enables us to help meet your long-term sustainability targets.

Corporate ESG strategy and stewardship

SFA works closely with value chain players to understand how materially significant ESG issues can be integrated into their wider company strategy.

Peer-group ESG benchmarking

SFA's benchmarking of PGM producers on material ESG factors generates high-resolution insights for sustainability-conscious investors.

Cradle-to-grave ESG recycling studies

SFA's analysis of environmental footprints from recycled material in terms of greenhouse gases, waste generation and processing is helping future PGM recycling investments.

ESG Consulting

Environmental, social and governance

Sustainability Reports

Environmental, Social and Governance

PGM bespoke research

SFA offers tailored independent market intelligence across all sectors.

Macroeconomics and precious metals

For many years, SFA's extensive expertise in analysing the changing dynamics of global economies, financial markets and precious metals has enabled us to deliver bespoke research to enhance your next strategy.

Automotive powertrains and PGM demand

SFA delivers detailed insights into the effects of new automotive technologies on PGM demand for light-duty, heavy-duty, off-road and fuel cell vehicles to meet government emission targets.

The future of cities and mobility solutions

SFA has advised mobility companies with their strategies, providing global or local industry context, benchmarking competitors, creating industry scenarios and identifying new opportunities.

PGM catalyst and chemicals intelligence

SFA is equipped to provide detailed regional insights of the major players, market shares, demand volumes, and market value for automotive, chemical and petrochemical catalysts, and smaller industrial markets.

Jewellery pipeline mapping and econometrics

SFA has mapped jewellery pipelines, examined costs and margins, quantified future demand levels, and analysed the competitor landscape of fabricators, wholesalers, and retailers for future investment decision-making.

Emerging technologies – opportunities and threats

SFA is constantly monitoring the evolution of emerging technologies and threats to new metal substitution. Let us cut through the noise, and highlight the short to long-term price risk impacts for your business.

PGM purchasing and new customer targets

SFA has explored the purchasing dynamics between market participants, the complexity of the associated price web factors for platinum, palladium and rhodium, providing definitive answers to commercial questions.

PGM recycling value chain assessments

SFA's discreet work with recyclers gives us unique market insights, for the major regions of the USA, Europe, China and Japan. We also closely monitor jewellery recycling, electronic scrap and spent catalysts.

PGM trade flows and stock reconciliation

SFA analyses the physical movements of PGMs for demand-side and supply-side participants, how futures contracts are priced and traded, and quantifies above-ground PGM stocks from key sectors.

Closed and open-loop PGM market evaluation

SFA can provide you with the most insightful 360-degree research covering the secret closed-loop market sectors by quantifying installed capacities, system losses and top-up requirements by company and sector.

Formulating regional trading desk strategies

SFA has significant experience mapping regional and localised end-use markets for PGMs to assist clients in discovering new trading opportunities and client targets by volume and sector.

Meet the PGM team

Trusted advice from a dedicated team of experts.

Henk de Hoop

Chief Executive Officer

Beresford Clarke

Managing Director: Technical & Research

Dr Jenny Watts

Head of Clean Energy & Sustainability

Dr Ralph Grimble

Operations Director

Jamie Underwood

Principal Consultant

Carol Lu

Associate Principal Analyst: China

Thomas Chandler

Principal Market Analyst

Oksan Atilan

Consulting Automotive Analyst

Alex Biddle

Senior Mining Analyst

Angus Butterfield

Consultant Analyst − Mining and Supply

Yolandé Fourie

Senior Consultant Metallurgist

Nelsa Martins

Consultant Metallurgist

Daniel Croft

Precious Metals Analyst

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SFA (Oxford) provides bespoke, independent intelligence on the strategic metal markets, specifically tailored to your needs. To find out more about what we can offer you, please contact us.

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