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India PGM Market Outlook

Platinum Group Metals

In-depth research and analysis from experts

SFA (Oxford)'s India report focuses on PGM demand and supply, major players and the recycling market to assist strategic planning and motivate new investment opportunities.

Unlocking new market opportunities in India

SFA leverages its in-depth understanding of the PGM market to create a unique market intelligence report for India covering the following key areas:


PGM demand

  • An analysis of PGM consumption, adoption and substitution is assessed, as well as past and future demand trends. The major PGM demand sectors covered include automotive, industrial, chemicals, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, glass, jewellery and investment.

  • Estimated historical and forecast light-duty PGM consumption by OEM beyond 2030 relative to global demand. Our forecast takes account of new recent emissions legislation and the impact of smaller cars and 2 to 3 wheelers with small engines and gridlocked cities, and existing and potential autocatalyst configurations to meet NOX and PM limits, fuel quality standards and CO2 emission limits.

  • Quantification of future jewellery demand based on an expanding middle class, manufacturers, and key growth clusters of retailers and stores. 

  • Supplementary PGM demand data tables by OEM, and end-use sectors. 


PGM suppliers

  • Local and imported sources of primary supply for end-use, including volumes by metal (platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, and iridium) and forecasts for supply from recycling.

  • Importer rankings by major players and country of origin.


Major PGM players

  • Identification of large industrial players and a high-level overview of existing services.

  • Mapped identification of all chemical plants, glass plants, petroleum refineries and fabricators.


Macroeocnomic scenarios

  • Provision of India's base case, high and low road macroeconomic demand scenarios based on global growth rates and currency forecasts. Our low road scenario reflects recession in developed markets of the US, Europe and Japan, and a high road scenario considers upturn as trade war fears fade.

  • Analysis of current and forecast population growth, urbanisation, car ownership, expanding middle class and urban mobility trends of public and private transport. 


PGM recycling developments

  • Current and future developments based on evolving market dynamics, legislation, and existing recyclers.

  • Quantification of platinum, palladium and rhodium supply from autocatalysts beyond 2030 based on our car scrappage distribution and spent catalytic converter collection rates.


Who should read this report?

  • New business entrants that require business strategy, investment timing, long-term risks and opportunities, and an independent view of the Indian PGM market.

  • Commodity risk managers from fabricators, car companies, petroleum companies and other end-users, for help with assessing price volatility, price direction, or the economics and security of demand.

  • Financiers, pension funds, investors and other financial institutions needing to understand the long-term demand risks and opportunities in the industry.


Live Q&A with the analysts

  • Our India PGM market intelligence report is supported by a video call, most often hosted through MS Teams, which is led by  Beresford Clarke, along with our team of expert PGM analysts to highlight the key market aspects and address any further questions you may have.

Contact one of our team for more details

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Chief Executive Officer

Beresford Clarke

Managing Director: Technical & Research

David Mobbs

Head of Marketing

Yoshi Mizoguchi Owen

Marketing Associate: Japan

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